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August 23

August Make it Take it!  Join TC Davis of Tower Creations this month and learn to make macrame bracelets and charm bracelets and necklaces! Bring jewelry pliers if you have them. We will have a few extra pairs of needle nose pliers. $50 and you will make one macrame bracelet and one charm bracelet or necklace. 

September 20

Downtown Charleston September Art Walk!  This month’s featured artist is Hannah Lenhart of Hannah’s Clay Creations. Hannah is a ceramic artist working and living in the beautiful hills of West Virginia. She is a recent graduate of Fairmont State University where she received her BA in Studio Art with a concentration in Ceramics/ Sculpture as well as a BS in Business Administration in May of 2017. In the summer of 2016 she was named as one of two Tamarack Foundation for the Arts Emerging Artist Fellows.

September 27

Make it Take it for September is T-shirt scarves!. These are the most stylish comfortable scarves you will ever wear because they are made from a comfy t-shirt! Join Dina of Ricardina Jewelry DesignsBring one or two t-shirts in your favorite colors and a good pair of fabric scissors. Men's t-shirts in large, extra large, or bigger are the best. Any t-shirt can be used as long as they have no side seams, so if you have an old oh so soft t-shirt bring it. We will have extra t-shirts that can be combined with yours and plenty of decorations to make the scarf uniquely yours. $40 for the class and we will make 2 scarves. As a bonus, we will show you what you can do with the sleeves!

October 18

Downtown Charleston October Art Walk! Feature artist information.

Mary B is a mixed media artist born and raised in Charleston, WV where she currently resides and creates. Born into a creative family, Mary was exposed to many different forms of art and music from an early age which has helped influence her in her current works. 

Mainly working with fluid acrylics since 2016, Mary’s works are guided by the emotional connection to color and shape. Starting first with canvas and the popular “dirty pour” technique (and a never ending desire to learn more), she began experimenting with styles, techniques, and substrates. Repurposing everyday objects such as soda bottles, strainers, and vinyl records helped expand the look and feel of her works. Never wanting to waste an ounce of paint, or chance at creativity, Mary recently began using the dried, leftover paints for an ever-growing line of “wearable art” pieces, including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. 

Though self-taught, Mary has been greatly influenced and mentored by a number of wonderful artists in the Charleston area. The support from such a kind and generous community helps motivate her to keep learning and expanding her craft. 


Mary B’s works can be viewed online on Instagram and Facebook

Featured Artists

Dina B. Foster is the Owner of Ricardina Jewelry Designs and is a self-taught jewelry artist. Born and raised in Portugal until the age of 14, she learned the fine arts of sewing, crochet, knit, and embroidery and has always been interested in a wide range of arts and crafts. She has been a West Virginia resident for 45 years and a Putnam County Resident for the past 23 years.  Nine years ago, her creative journey led her to learning the art of jewelry design. Since then, she has taught herself various jewelry making techniques. Although the majority of her work is metal shaping and wrapping, working mostly with Argentum silver and copper, she also uses her crochet and knitting skills to make unique pieces of jewelry using fibers, gemstones, Swarovski crystals, and pearls. Her jewelry can also be found at Tamarack.

Sherri "Sha" Rowan. Sherri is best known for her landscapes and nature inspired abstract paintings in the medium of encaustic, even raising her own bees and incorporating their beeswax into every piece. Under the trade name “Sha,” Sherri makes encaustic paint from a molten colloidal suspension of beeswax, tree resin, and raw earth pigments, which she fuses to wooden canvases. “I paint with a torch,” creating enamel-like surfaces and “multiple layers for dimension and ethereal flow.” Sherri’s works have redefined the ancient technique of encaustic through her use of a variety of thermal tools, to harness the transformative nature of heat as a catalyst to create textural, color-rich abstracts. A life long artist and West Virginia native, Sherri's distinctive style has awarded her as juried artist member of Tamarack.

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Please join us on Black Friday for a special Art Walk. We are so excited to welcome Lazarus Restoration as our featured artist for this month's Art Walk. We are madly in love with these incredibly unique lamps and furniture designs and we think you will be too.

The husband and wife team of Pete and Chris Knapp started Lazarus Restoration in March 2015 after what began as a hobby for Chris quickly caught the attention of friends and family. Chris’ exceptional talent with refinishing or repainting furniture is in high demand for clients that either want to preserve a family heirloom, or customers that would like a new or fresh updated look for their existing furniture. 

Pete enjoys taking old furniture that is beyond repair or refinishing, and repurposing it into a new use altogether, which invariably ends up with Chris to put the finishing touches on it. Turning dressers into benches and wine bars, or windows and doors into tables, are some of his favorite projects. With the help of Chris’ father Lou Raneri, they created a unique line of lamps that incorporate reclaimed wood, found items, black pipe, and usually a USB outlet/charger. Both Pete and Lou have made nearly 100 different lamps combined over the past several years. 

When not raising their two sons in Morgantown, they enjoy traveling together to search for new furniture project pieces, or items that they can turn into unique black pipe lamps. You can find more information at, on Facebook, on Instagram at, or Pinterest at

November 23

Black Friday Art Walk!

December 20

Art Walk!

We are so excited to have Seth Pitt as our featured artist for December Art Walk! 
Seth currently lives and works out of Thomas, West Virginia. There, he keeps a studio and gallery and spends a lot of his time creating things to overflow it. 


He is self taught, didn’t go to art school, and couldn’t draw a shoe very well when he was young. In fact, he spent the majority of his youth believing that he was not an artist at all. While he still cannot draw a shoe very well, he is happy to eventually hold the conclusion that the ability to do so has no consequence on whether or not one should be making art. 

The majority of Seth’s work tends to huddle around small magic and the things humanity finds camaraderie in.

He considers daydreaming essential, wonder imperative and an unyielding reverence for life boundlessly imperative.